A Collection of Gems

mixtureofgemstones400Change of pace…now I’ve completed a humor book. It is not yet in print, but its’ coming soon. And it’s kind of interesting how it came about. Maybe the best way to explain it is to let you check out the introduction:

Do you get at least one ridiculous e-mail every day? You know, the kind one of your friends thinks is simply hilarious, but only winds up annoying you? And then do you end up regretting your displeasure, because, after all, he or she was considerate enough to forward it?

You’re not alone. Most of us get a lot more than just one or two of these each day, Sundays and Holidays included, but what to do? Should you ask them to stop? Should you just hit “delete” without reading? Or should you get in the same habit of sending similar e-mails to your friends and loved ones? Isn’t it a good idea for all of us to stay in touch in this thoughtful manner?

I contemplated all of these issues several years ago and came up with a solution, which has inadvertently morphed into the book which you are now holding or viewing on your e-reader. I decided that, yes, I did want to stay in touch with those I cared about by doing the e-mail thing, but I didn’t want to 1.) overdo it, or 2.) have them resent or dislike my little attempt to stay in touch and brighten up their day. So I carefully reviewed all of the e-mail’s I hadn’t deleted during the week, and then picked the one that stood out the most and forwarded it to the special group I set up in my address book.

Now there was a good idea. I have never stopped getting appreciative comments, and, you guessed it, the quantity of e-mails I began receiving in return increased drastically. Almost everyone wanted to send an e-mail that would become the next “Gem of The Week”. That’s how I labeled the weekly e-mails I was sending out. And yes, with the quantity of items I was receiving each week, it started to take longer to select a winner, but fortunately, the quality improved.

So ten years later, I have a few hundred Gems, and it seems such a shame to just let them all sit in my “sent box”, so why not share them in A Collection of Gems? And that’s how this opus came about.

But the challenge of how to organize the content hung over me like the Sword of Damocles for a long while before I realized that this was an Occam’s Razor issue. In other words, the simplest answer is probably the best answer. The recipients of the hundreds of Gems over the years didn’t receive them in any cleverly categorized way, so why not present them randomly in this publication as well? What is the point in categorizing all of the political jokes, grouping the dumb blond tidbits, and compartmentalizing the sexist humor?

Also, it took a lot less work to do it randomly.

Finally, as you begin to peruse my “Gems”, you will notice that not all of them are of a humorous nature. Some will make you think, and in some cases you might just learn something that you were not aware of previously. And I confess that my eyes dampened on more than one occasion.

I hope you enjoy it.