About the Author

willy_bio_picW. Ward Neuman lives with his wife, Pam, in Illinois and Arizona. His background is in real estate investing, and he has published three books about managing income property. He has also written numerous articles that have appeared in running, finance, and poker magazines.

After a lifetime of concern about injustice, he decided to write his first novel and has put to life some of his fantasies about how the bad guys should be made to pay for harming the good guys, especially when “the system” has failed.

His first novel was well received, and many of his readers strongly urged him to write the sequel. They identified with the characters that came to life in Seeking Justice, enjoyed the plot twists and turns, and felt that the author had the ability to make the readers feel they were right there in the middle of the action.

He listened and responded with Finding Justice.

But that’s not the end. Enthusiasm for his style of providing drama, adventure, and action has multiplied, and it looks like there might be a series in the making. And in response, he has finished the third volume, Delivering Justice. Look for it soon.

Also, in the not too distant future, another of his works will be available. Watch for A Collection of Gems, which is his latest work, and it fits broadly in the “humor” category. He has collected a few hundred funny, clever, and thought provoking emails out of many thousands he has received since 2001 and put them together in a compendium that will delight, challenge and tantalize his readers.

W. Ward Neuman can be reached at his email address, willster@amerilink.net with comments or questions about his writing.