Delivering Justice

Delivering Justice

Now it turns out that I had developed a “fan base.”  They would not let me off with just the two novels and insisted that I continue with the series.  So now we have a trilogy. I can’t promise that there will be more, but if my readers and my publisher have their way, you can probably count on it.

The action in Delivering Justice begins right away. Check out the first few paragraphs at the beginning of Chapter One:

At first there was no pain. There was just a slight burning sensation, but that was the least of her problems. She could not see, and that prompted her brain to go into overdrive.

In the first few seconds after the attack, she tried to categorize and make sense of the jumble of thoughts swirling in her mind. Why didn’t she see this coming and get the hell out of the way? How serious was the damage to her eyesight? What was the substance that had been so savagely flung in her face? Gasoline? No, it didn’t have the right smell. Was the image of Lon Schiller the last thing she would ever see? Why hadn’t she found a kinder way to end their relationship?

All of these concerns were immediately overtaken by the immense pain that replaced the initial burning. Then she made a huge mistake. She reflexively rubbed both hands on her face, hoping that this would somehow lessen her anguish. But that only transferred some of the facial trauma to her hands, and it wasn’t long before they hurt as well. It was a classic Catch 22.


Finally, you may wish to review some of the feedback I have received from readers relating to the first two novels in this series:

Just finished the sequel. Every bit as exciting as the first one.

Glad to see the second one in the series is as exciting as the first. I hope you have a third one in the works.

Hard to put it down. Can’t get enough of the kind of justice “The Payback Team” dishes out page after page.

Another great read! Loved it, right from page one. Hope there’s more coming.

Don’t stop! These guys are my heroes. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

You really got something going. “The Payback Team” knows how to provide justice when and where it is needed.

Can’t get enough of these guys. They sure know how to get the job done. Keep it coming.

Love the second one. Glad to see “The Payback Team” is still in action.