Seeking Justice

seeking_justiceSeeking Justice is a work of fiction about three millionaires who decide to use their energy, determination, and resources to help others solve the problems and injustices that “the system” cannot. When there’s no one there to help a battered wife, an elderly couple who are scammed by an unscrupulous contractor, a father whose daughter was raped and murdered by a worthless sociopath who got off on a technicality, they step in and take over.

Although initially successful in their new roles as vigilantes, they find that seeking justice comes at a price, including time spent behind bars, personal injury, and other losses that exceed anything they could possibly have imagined.

Their missions become more dangerous and complex, building up to their final challenge of taking out a group of hijackers who are repeatedly robbing and kidnapping tourists in a Central American country. But they find that there is much more to this band of terrorists than they were led to believe, and achieving their goal will likely stretch them beyond their limits.

A brief sample of the action and drama on one of the pages:

“…they were astonished by a violent jolt…and a loud, clunking sound on the roof. The next thing that happened startled them even more. Four large, metal claws came in all four windows and quickly turned upward, grabbing the vehicle like a shark closing its teeth around its prey. Before any of the hijackers could utter a word, they were jerked off the ground and were rapidly gaining altitude.

“…their assumption that they were going to be turned over to the authorities vanished when an unimaginably worse scenario occurred. The jaws of whatever had crashed on top of their ride were suddenly retracting…”

Here are a few examples of what readers had to say about Seeking Justice:

“I could not put the book down! I finished it in three days. Can’t wait for his next book!”

“The book is great, wow, what a finish! PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!”

“This book is a page turner! Highly recommended!”

“Good story, fiction intertwined with reality, which kept me captivated from page one.”

“Exciting, engaging, and well worth my time. A great read and I’m anxious to get the sequel.”

“Kept my interest from the first page. The book, although fiction, is not far from the truth.”

“Had a hard time putting it down. Cant’ wait for the next one!”

“Captivating from the very beginning! I really would enjoy reading a sequel.”